Thank you for visiting Ruiz Protective Service (RPS). We have been in the business of lie detection (aka Credibility Assessment) for more than 2 decades. Our expertise covers commerical, government, law enforcement and related services.

RPS offers several web-services for our clients and the public.

MyLieDetect brings the power of modern lie detection to everyone. Are you an attorney with a client that can benefit from a credibility assessment more powerful than a standard polygraph? Are you an employer with a need to investigate a workplace loss or incident with a fair and modern lie detection tool? Are you a family member with a need to establish trust in your relationship? Check out our services at

For our clients with polygraph and/or EyeDetect contracts:

Polygraph has been the standard for lie detection for over 100 years with only incremental innovation.

EyeDetect is the most modern technology for lie detection representing a leap in innovation utilizing artificial intelligence.

ClientHQ allows our clients to view the status of their polygraphs in real-time. If you do not yet have a login, send an email to from you agency or company email address to request an account.

Have you been asked to take a polygraph and you need to complete the online questionnaire?

RPS offers a robust employee badging program. We offer multiple services, with or without printed badges, under this service. This includes drug tests, background checks, SSN verifications, and related services/

Badge Detail lets RPS clients view the full details of any badge. You will need an account to access this service. Please send an email to to request an account.

Badge Access allows anyone to verify that a badge created by RPS is valid. Use this option along with an RPS-issued badge number to view the details of the badge.

If you are interested in employment opportunities or wish to verify employment of a current or former RPS employee:

RPS currently has limited openings. Click the link to view current employment opportunities and to begin the application process.
Please note: RPS no longer provides security guard services and no longer employs security officers.

Use the link to conduct an employment verification of a current or previous RPS employee.