Lie Detection

The science of Lie Detection, also called Credibility Assessment, is used in many circumstances where the truthfulness of a person must be assessed. RPS uses both Polygraph and EyeDetect in providing this service.

Polygraph is a computer-based method for detecting deception using multiple physiological measurements. This is the most common form of Lie Detection.

EyeDetect is a new technology for Lie Detection created by Converus. This tool uses eye movements to determine the truthfulness of the examinee.

MyLieDetect brings the power of modern lie detection to everyone. Having doubts about a loved one's truthfullness? Are you an attorney with a client that could benefit from a credibility assessment? Checkout our services at

ClientHQ allows our clients to view the status of their polygraphs in real-time. If you already have a ClientHQ login, click the link to access the site. If you do not yet have a login, send an email to from you agency or company email address to request an account.

Have you been asked to take a polygraph and you need to complete the online questionnaire? Click the link to begin.